Cooking with the Club

You are probably familiar with the incredible work that the Boys and Girls Clubs of Winnipeg undertakes with the children and youth of Winnipeg. As well, you are most likely familiar with our core values, which guide our relationships with children, youth, family and community and define our reason for being. Our core values include: Inclusion & Opportunity, Respect & Belonging, Empowerment, Collaboration and Speaking Out on behalf of children, youth and their families to reduce disadvantage, enhance their lives and enable their voices and ideas to be heard.

What you may not realize is that we have an active Social Committee that meets monthly and which endeavours to follow those same core values for the social benefit of our staff. These 6 committee members form the planning nucleus for all of our overall social events and activities. From monthly birthday celebrations to the staff holiday party, they help to ensure that we all have the opportunity to gather together to celebrate our coworkers’ mutual successes.

A new endeavour of the Social Committee is our joint Cookbook, entitled Cooking with the Club. Although it has a humble beginning, we hope that it will expand and diversify to represent foods from all cultures, and not just those of our staff. We would like to be inclusive of all: staff, club members and their families, volunteers and anyone else with an interest in The Boys and Girls Clubs of Winnipeg are all welcome to contribute. (Naturally, you will be given credit for any recipe you submit.) And by placing this cookbook on our Website, we invite any visitors to our site to access and utilize one of these fine recipes. 

If you wish to contribute a recipe, and thereby enrich our fledgling cookbook, please send your recipe by email. Alternatively, you can forward the website connection to that recipe and it will be downloaded and added to our cookbook. If you do not have access to a computer, you can drop off or mail the recipe to: Human Resources Coordinator, The Boys and Girls Clubs of Winnipeg, 300-61 Juno Street, Winnipeg, MB, R3A 1T1.

Thank you for your interest in The Boys and Girls Clubs of Winnipeg and we look forward to receiving YOUR recipe!

On behalf of the Social Committee:
Deborah Hosey
Human Resources Coordinator

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