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Healthier children, happier children

The Boys and Girls Clubs (BGC) of Winnipeg have partnered with Sodexo Canada once again to provide kids with the nutrition necessary to spend summer engaged in different activities with their friends.

The end of the school year means the end of...

Meet Winnipeg’s young leaders

A group of inspiring young leaders is continuing to push for equality and opportunity for others.

Kayla Lariviere, Kakeka Thundersky, Carly McFall, Nina Lam, and Tommy Semchyshyn recently accepted the inaugural Mayor’s Scholarship for Community...

Lesson learned despite getting failing grade

Do you remember that nightmare where you’re back in school, and you haven’t done your homework, and everyone is laughing at you, and you wish you could vanish in a puff of smoke?

Well, I relived that nightmare this week when I was humiliated in...

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