Bringing Different Cultures Together

Published June 29, 2017 13:39


The Ukrainian Canadian Congress in Winnipeg invited youth from all over the province to join them in a project called Youth Engaging Youth.

On June 26, several young Manitobans met at 470 Burrows Ave. — location for the William Whyte business Five Star Foods — to paint a mural in celebration of Canada 150. UCC received funding from the Canadian Heritage Fund for Canada 150 to create this project and celebrate Canada’s diversity in partnership with Take Pride Winnipeg.

"(This project) is taking Ukrainian youth and bringing them together with other cultural youth and other organizations in the province," UCC community animator Orycia Karpa said.

"I think it’s really important for youth to get involved because they are our future and they are going to be shaping the next 150 years. It’s just really nice to make sure everybody feels included, do it in a fun way and give back to the community."

The project engaged the Plast Ukrainian Youth Association and the Boys and Girls Clubs of Winnipeg, both organization situated in the North End. The kids helped the visual artist and muralist Gabrielle Funk with incorporating aspects that reflect Canadian nature.

"I know that the message ‘Youth Engaging Youth’ had to be part of it, and when I talked to the owners of the store, their only parameters was to make it a very positive mural that would cultivate that message," she added.

"I hope that it’s a very peaceful, playful, and joyful piece. The message is going to speak for itself, but I hope that this just brings a little light to this corner. I hope it will light it up."

It’s bringing all youth together. It’s a nice way to get everybody together to celebrate what Canada is made up — multicultural and different backgrounds.

Garden City resident Marysa Fosty, 16 and Nina Hutsulak, 15-year-old Lockport resident, said it’s important to keep youth engaged moving forward to the next 150 years of Canada.

"It is good to bring humanity together because we are from different cultures, but it doesn’t mean we can’t interact together," Hutsulak said.

"The youth are the people of tomorrow and to have another 150 years of Canada, we need to talk to them and involve them," Fosty added. "If you have youth that doesn’t feel strongly about the country they live in then there won’t be any more years in the future."

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