Personalized Employment Program

Empowering Youth Towards Meaningful Employment

Personalized Employment Program (PEP) offers free, pre-employment training for youth ages 16-29. Our one-on-one services empower individuals with the tools, skills and training needed to successfully attain and maintain employment.

Our free services include:

  • Resume and Cover Letter Development
  • Job Search Assistance
  • Interview Preparation
  • Career Counselling 
  • Access to computers, photocopier, printer and fax machine for employment purposes
  • Pre-Employment/Life Skills Workshops 

Resume & Cover Letter Development 

Meet with our Employment Counsellor to develop a successful, targeted resume or cover letter. Learn how to:

  • Identify transferable skills and experience
  • Promote your best attributes and qualities
  • Tailor your resume and cover letter to the job

Job Search Support

If you are having trouble finding job openings, meet with our Employment Counsellor to discuss job search strategies. Beyond online postings, learn more about networking, informational interviews, and other job search strategies to uncover the hidden job market. 

Interview Preparation

Gain the skills and confidence to succeed in your next job interview! Learn new interview tips, practice with a mock interview, and get valuable feedback from our staff! Learn how to:

  • Navigate interview stress and anxiety
  • Answer the most difficult interview questions
  • Promote why you are the right person for the job 

Career Counselling

Are you unsure about what next steps to take in your career? Is it time for a career change? Learn how to:

  • Identify your skills, values and attributes
  • Research career opportunities that match your skills and interests
  • Identify educational and training opportunities; build your network 
  • Develop an action plan towards achieving your goals 

Our free services are open to all youth ages 16-29, who are unemployed or underemployed. We also take referrals from Employment and Income Assistance and other community agencies. 

For more information, or to schedule an appointment, call us at (204) 982-4948!


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