CSI is the Ultimate Summer Package

I’ve gone to CSI (Community School Investigators Summer Learning Program) every year at Sister MacNamara (except for the year of Grade 5) and every year I went I always had so much fun.

When I first went in Grade 1, I didn’t really think there was much of Winnipeg other than the area I lived in, but CSI changed that. That summer we went all over the place - we went to Lower Fort Garry, Pan Am Pool, Kildonan Park, Assiniboine Park Zoo and so much more. You could only imagine how mind blowing those experiences were for a six year old - learning to swim, seeing animals, it was crazy!

Throughout those years, the experiences I had taught me many new things... like that you shouldn’t tap on the glass of a lion exhibit! Going on field trips weren’t the only experiences I cherished; I also got closer with friends and close to people I didn’t really know. The events, activities, and the times when we just stayed at school were the times we bonded.

When I was in Grade 5, I decided that I wouldn’t go to CSI that summer just to see how it was like; it was a horrible decision because that was the most boring summer of my life. I just sat at home and went to drop-in. It was only then when I realized the blessings CSI gave us - a place to go to during the day to eat good food, review what we learned throughout the school year so we wouldn’t forget, and go on outings. It’s the ultimate summer package!

- Mesgna Mesgna, former CSI student


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